MBCP™ Technology, worldwide reference in synthetic bone graft

Our entire offering of synthetic bone grafts is based on this technology
MBCP Technology Schema

Our 100% synthetic bone grafts are composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA) and Beta tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP).

Our unique 3-step manufacturing process produces products whose unique micro and macroporous structure, MBCP™ Technology has become the worldwide reference for tissue engineering techniques and the improvement of osteogenic properties.

  • Our biphasic HA/TCP content is an intimate union of the molecules
  • Our HA content is readily adsorbable, thanks to our specific sintering process
  • Our bi-model micro and macro structure promotes osteogenic cells differenciation.
3D interconnected scaffold promotes cellular migration
1/3 Micropores < 10μm
2/3 Macropores 300-600μm
Real chemical synthesis: homogenous distribution of HA (Hydroxyapatite) and TCP (Tri Calcium Phosphate). Thin crystalline structure.
Biphasic Calcium Phosphate early dissolution and precipitation process into micropores.
Macropores guides osteogenerating cells into the depth of the MBCP™ implant.
Simulates the osteoblastic response: proliferation and differentiation.
Regeneration into cortical or cancellous bone.
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