Resorbable Collagen Membrane – Guided bone Regeneration

    EZ Cure™ Membrane is a highly purified porcine collagen (type I and III) resorbable membrane.
    Phylogenetically, porcine collagen is the closest to human collagen. Porcine tissue is viewed as the material of choice in many medical xenograft procedures.8

    EZ Cure™ Resorbable Membrane offers excellent handling properties.*
    Its adaptability to different bone geometries makes the surgical procedure easiest and effective.*

    Barrier function for at least 3 months

    EZ Cure™ Membrane is a cross-linked collagen membrane that combines controled resorption time (barrier function) and flexibility*.
    EZ Cure™ Membrane ensures a barrier function for a minimum of 3 months* in order to prevent connective or epithelial cells from colonizing the surgical site during the healing period.

    • Flexible and adaptable to varying bone topographies
    • Great tissue adherence
    • Cell occlusive
    • Easy to cut, to shape and to place
    • Strong, can be sutured

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    * Data on files, Biomatlante

    The content of the double pouches is designed for single use only. Do not resterilize EZ Cure™ bone augmentation material. In case of membrane exposure during the healing phase the resorption time may be accelerated. If endosseous implants are involved, the membrane should be used only in combination with a stable implant and not in lieu of achieving primary implant stability. Absolute stability of the membrane is important for guided bone regeneration and is a vital condition for therapeutic success, and that the smallest movement on the tissue underneath is to be avoided.

    • ISO 13485
    • Read instructions for use for a complete list of warnings, precautions, possible adverse events and other important medical information.
    • EZ Cure™ is supplied sterile and CE-marked as a Class III Medical Device according to Directive EEC/93/42

    CE 0499

    Certain products may not be approved for sale in all countries.


    Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) procedures in dental surgery.


    EZ Cure™ membrane is available in:



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