Moldable Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute

    Building on Biomatlante’s core MBCP™ Technology, In’Oss™ is an innovative and moldable synthetic bone graft, composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA), Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and a hydrogel.
    Developed to facilitate handling during bone grafting procedures, In’Oss™ can fit into different grafting sites.
    In’Oss™, is the optimal balance between MBCP™ micro granules and an absorbable hydrogel, acting as a carrier for rapid vascularization and mineralization.
    In’Oss™ keeps the original graft shape and bone volume. It is gradually absorbed to be replaced by vital architectured bone.

    MBCP™ Technology’s Key Features


    Provides a matrix for new bone growth

    Molecular mixture of HA and TCP

    HA alone resorbs too slowly while TCP resorbs too fast. Bi-phasic HA and TCP allow for a resorption rate similar to that of human bone.

    70% porosity, similar to cancellous bone

    Interconnected network of macropores and micropores that enables the colonization of bone cells and biological fluid uniformly within the matrix.


    For ionic exchange: TCP dissolution and bone crystal precipitation. Newly bioactive interface with bone cells.


    Macropores are a network of interconnected spaces that promote the biological infiltration and cellular colonization by osteoblasts and osteoclasts.


    Micropores are the intercrystalline spaces where dissolution and recrystallisation occurs.

    >30 years of clinical experience

    Host bone formation is systematically demonstrated.


    100% synthetic – 5 years shelf life.

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    Do not overfill defects.
    • Do not leave the defect opened
    • In’Oss™ has to be in direct contact with at least 2 or 3 surfaces. Maximum contact between In’Oss™ and recipient bone must be achieved.
    • In’Oss™ does not have initial mechanical properties and should not be used for load-bearing applications without independent rigid fixation or any kind of osteo synthetic stabilisation.
    • Adequate post-operative immobilization is to be used to facilitate the osteogenesis.
    • Post surgery discharge is necessary.
    • Implantation is not recommended in revision surgery site containing non resorbable biomaterials residues.
    • The product has not been tested on pregnant women. The risk of health has not been established.

    • ISO 13485
    • Read the instructions for use
    • MBCP™ is supplied sterile and CE-marked as a Class III Medical Device according to Directive EEC/93/42

    CE 0123

    Certain products may not be approved for sale in all countries.


    Is indicated augment or substitute for bone graft in nonloadbearing clinical applications


    • Posterolateral Fusion


    In’Oss is available in:

    0.5ml – 1ml


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    We will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.