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Whether you require Calcium phosphate raw materials to incorporate them in your product, are developing Tissue engineering concepts and need a matrix as a host to your signals or cells, MBCP® technology is the right choice!

Backed by over 650 peer-reviewed published clinical studies and with over 1,000,000 patients successfully implanted over the last 30 years, MBCP® has demonstrated unsurpassed properties in hard tissue reconstruction.

The unique 3-step manufacturing process developed by BIOMATLANTE confers its core MBCP® biphasic HA/ ß-TCP technology unique physic-chemical properties for hard tissue regeneration. Its micro-macroporous structure mimics that of human bone and provides an ideal osteogenic matrix for bone regeneration in general and tissue engineering in particular.

MBCP® Technology has been selected as the matrix of choice in a number of European programs (NewGel, Atos, Reborne, Gamba,…) combining matrix and cells (MSCs’) or signals (proteins, peptides) to optimize the effectiveness of your osteo-inductive agent by combining it with our osteo-promoting matrix.

Whether you are participating in a research program and only require small quantities or you intend to mass manufacture your product, contact us: we will be happy to provide you with expert assistance and competitive pricing at the volumes you require.

Biomatlante a été à l'avant-garde du développement d'une nouvelle greffe osseuse synthétique. 

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