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Leader of the Biphasic Micro Macroporous Bioceramic Concept

Backed by over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone substitutes, Biomatlante readily meets the challenge of constantly evolving its product line to meet today’s market demands for new, more effective, generations of biomaterials and smart scaffolds for tissue regeneration and minimally invasive surgical technologies.

Pioneer and leader of the concept of Micro Macroporous Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (MBCP® Technology), Biomatlante was a forerunner in the introduction of inserts for fusion cages. Backed by this experience garnered over the years, we continue this tradition of innovation by constantly developing new shapes with osteogenic properties to fit specific prosthesis or customer shape prosthesis.
Biomatlante’ Bone Scaffolds have evolved to meet new biotechnological requirements stemming from tissue engineering where surgeons need to combine scaffolds with biological fluids (bone marrow or mesenchymal stem cells) or active agents.

Biomatlante leads the way in the development of smart scaffolds for use in numerous research programs seeking to improve outcomes for particularly challenging patients.

More than 650 published studies, with 30 years of clinical experience

More than just another manufacturer, Biomatlante contributes to the evolution of science and is an active contributor to numerous international societies and journals on biomaterials. Biomatlante presents its own research in the most reputable meetings of the specialty (Bioceramics, European Society for Biomaterials, GRIBOI, World Biomaterials Congress), and has more than 650 published studies, with 30 years of clinical experience.
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