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Biocompatible Interference Resorbable Screw

Osteotwin™ Interference Screw was designed to fulfill two core aims: provide appropriate mechanical properties necessary for ligament reconstruction whilst ensuring a regulated resorption and osteointegration to form architectural bone through hydrolysis.

Canulated Interference Resorbable Screw Design

The thread is specific to each screw diameter so as to systematically provide the maximum amount of contact between implant and bone.

Polylactic Interference Screw Range

Made of PLDLLA, Osteotwin™ Polylactic Interference Screw provides great mechanical resistance, due to Poly(L-Lactide).

Composite Interference Screw Range

75% PLDLLA & 25% MBCP: the convenient ratio between the necessary mechanical resistance for the indication and the faculty to generate bone growth.
Ligament / graft fixation within osseous tunnel used for knee ligament reconstructions.
Diameter x Length in millimeters

7×20 – 7×25 – 7×30
8×20 – 8×25 – 8×30
9×20 – 9×25 – 9×30
10×25 – 10×30
11x35 - 12x35

7×20 – 7×25 – 7×30
8×20 – 8×25 – 8×30
9×20 – 9×25 – 9×30
10×25 – 10×30
11x35 - 12x35
PL DLLA calcium phosphate composite combined with Macroporous Calcium Phosphate Cement MCPC™ for new surgical technologies of resorbable osteosynthesis and Injectable bone substitute.
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Biphasic calcium phosphate Granules concept for Injectable and Mouldable Bone substitute.
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To read the complete precautions, please refer to the Instructions for Use.
The product must only be handled or implanted by trained qualified physicians having read the instructions for use.
  • ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP
  • Read instructions for use for a complete list of warnings, precautions, possible adverse events and other important medical information.
  • Osteotwin™ is supplied sterile and CE-marked as a Class III Medical Device according to Directive EEC/93/42
Not all products are registered or available in every country/region. Please check with Biomatlante representative for availability and further information.

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