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Research Projects

Biomatlante developed the concept of “total resorption” to meet the needs of osteoarticular, maxillofacial and dental surgery. This range of product is a direct result from the scientific program of the National Agency for Research (ANR) for Biotechnology BioRimp (with Biomatlante coordinator):

  • Composites of PLDLLA and Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics granules for resorbable osteosynthesis (cervical and lumbar cage fusion, interference screw, others…)
  • Porcine collagen membranes

At the cutting edge of innovation for functionalized scaffolds, the hydrogel matrix of Biomatlante is part of a recent program of innovation sponsored by the pole Atlantic Biothérapie. The network of partners was financial supported by the French ministry of Research and Industry, and the Pays de Loire. The program is dedicated to the development of active molecules and their release in the field of the osseous tumors.

Partner of research programs in tissue engineering

Biomatlante partners in research programs in tissue engineering certified by the ANR TecSan, 7th European Framework Program (GAMBA, ReBorne), of innovative programs for the reconstruction of irradiated body areas.


Gene Activated Matrices for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration in Arthritis

GAMBA is a project funded in the nanotechnology call NMP-2009-2.3-1 “Biomimetic gels and polymers for tissue repair” of the EU 7th framework program.
The GAMBA consortium developed a novel gene-activated matrix platform for bone and cartilage repair with a focus on osteoarthritis-related tissue damage. Nine consortium members from six EU countries teamed up to implement this fundamental research project which contributes to the development of future therapies.


Regenerating Bone Defects using New biomedical Engineering approaches

The main objective of REBORNE is to develop new biomaterials that stimulate bone tissue formation either in combination with adult stem cells or without them, for regenerating bone defects in orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery. The objective will be to demonstrate that biomaterials and cells are safe and at least equivalent to standard treatments using biological grafts without their disadvantages. Minimal invasive surgery using injectable biomaterials with intrinsic osteogenic property will be preferred in order to trigger bone healing.


The GelTOP collaborative project aims to develop hydrogels for in situ release of active ingredients in difficult situations such as bone tumors or unconsolidated fractures and thus promote bone reconstruction.
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