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Experts in Bone Regeneration – Synthetic bone graft matrix


Ever since the introduction of MBCP® Technology for bone regeneration 25 years ago, Biomatlante, has been at the forefront of development of new synthetic bone graft matrices for bone regeneration to best suit the needs of surgeons and patients alike.


Partnerships with research institutes and universities have enabled us to maintain our lead in developing innovative materials for bone regeneration to meet today’s exacting requirements.


Patient safety will always be our top priority. We constantly strive to provide products for bone regeneration with the highest safety profile. Surgeons in over 50 countries have entrusted us with the welfare of over 1,000,000 patients.

Why is MBCP® Technology so effective?

Biomatlante, experts in bone regeneration

Based near Nantes, France, Biomatlante specializes in synthetic bone grafts for bone regeneration and is a world leader in bone graft technologies, selling its products in over 50 countries. Biomatlante’s products are routinely used in orthopedics and trauma surgery, in spine and dental surgery. Biomatlante strives to integrate a strategy of strong innovation and product development required to meet and exceed the needs of today’s market. Our R&D collaborates closely with universities and research centers across the world, bringing together competences in innovation, technological transfers of new biomaterials, surgical technologies and providing the intellectual protection required to foster long-term projects.

reconstruction & traumatology

Reconstruction & Traumatology

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of synthetic bone grafts, leveraging proprietary MBCP® Technology.

Spine Surgery

We provide complete bone regeneration solutions for spine surgery in cervical, thoracolumbar and posterolateral fusions.
dental rengenerative

Dental Regenerative

We offer the industry’s most complete portfolio of dental bone regeneration and soft tissue regeneration products.
sports surgery

Sports Surgery

The Osteotwin™ portfolio offers a full range of resorbable fixation systems and instruments solutions.

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