Osteotwin™ Instrumentation


Osteotwin™ Surgical Instrumentation

Osteotwin™ Surgical Instrumentation have been developed with two main goals in mind: insure the quality of surgical procedures with dedicated high quality tools; and save you time during surgical procedures with color coding.

Classical Screw System Surgical Instrumentation

Dilator Screw System

Sheath Surgical Instrumentation

Discover the Osteotwin Interference Screw Range
Classical Screw System :
  • Starter Tap
  • Screwdriver
  • Tunnel Dilator Screw
Sheath Instrumentation :
  • Dilator Sheath
  • Insertor Sheath
To read the complete precautions, please refer to the Instructions for Use.
The product must only be handled or implanted by trained qualified physicians having read the instructions for use.
  • ISO 13485
  • Read the instructions for use
  • The instruments are CE-marked as a Class I Medical Device according to Directive EEC/93/42

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